Write a quick sheet on artificial intelligence.

Quick sheet critieria

The concept quick sheet for each module should be one single-spaced page containing the following sections. It will be hard to fit the expected level of detail onto one page; it is expected that your first draft will need revision to achieve the necessary density.

A second page may contain links, implementation notes, and a list of references.

Writing your quick sheet

You may use any word-processing software you like to write your quick sheet. One option is to write your quicksheet in markdown and then use pandoc to export to PDF. This requires that you have pandoc and LaTeX installed. Alternatively, you can use Word, LibreOffice, or another word processing software.

Here's a sample quick sheet

Either way, save your quick sheet in the ny-csdf/unit3/quicksheet_ai directory of your MWC files, and run mwc submit when you're ready to turn it in.